Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Return and Temporary Disappearance of a Brain

It seems that I have once again allowed an incredible expanse of time to pass between blog posts. This is allowable due to the fact that I have once again had a semester full of book reviews, research papers, and also comprehensive exams, which I have passed with flying colors. Now the semester is drawing to a close with only Spring Break and two weeks of class left. But fear not, followers of this blog that do not exist and/or random internet passerby who for some reason stumbled upon the ramblings of a deranged human male, for I shall try to keep this regularly updated during the summer as I will have little to do except for my part-time job and building an applewood-scented shrinking ray that only affects objects made of solid copper.

What I feel like at the end of every semester, sans awesome beard.

What treasures will I bring forth from this eternal twizzling puzzlebox that I casually refer to as my mind? Who knows?! Only the shadow knows...and me, Jesse Doctor. Until then, I have twenty-five pages left to write until I am finally done, so I shall be an absentee bloglord for at least several more weeks.

As a side note, I mentioned in my last post that I was hoping to publish that lengthy primary source research paper as an article. That did not happen because the professor said that while my paper was informative, it was a bit boring and "merely good." So that happened.