Friday, September 25, 2009

Spare Time, I Could Use More

I would like to write more posts, but I am so busy with schoolwork that I barely have enough time to eat and sleep as it is. I treasure the moments I have in between reading books and writing papers, so I decided to write about them, because it's the most interesting thing I've thought about lately that is not history-related.

The first is, of course, sleeping uncomfortably for short amounts of time. This can happen anywhere, which makes it similar to dying in a tragic accident, except there is less dying and involved and the accident is more akin to an unfortunate mishap. So, I guess it's really not like dying in a tragic accident at all. At any rate, this plague strikes me when I am at my weakest, which is normally towards the end of the week. It can occur while I'm at work, reading at home, or working in the library (my home away from home). I will drift off for a few minutes, wake up, startled, and move on with whatever I was doing beforehand. I really should get more sleep.

I tried thinking of another thing that I do in between breaths, but I realized that I don't do much of anything else. Unless I count sitting on my couch, sipping tea, trying to motivate myself to not give up as I watch my gray hair display itself more prominently upon my head.